The art of sharing a meal, now available completely online! 🤖🤣🍴

We're making eating cool again! Supper Time is an co-collaborative exploration of our new cultural norms. Join us on our mission to discover if the experience of sharing a meal can be restored to its former glory by zoom calls in 2020! The guests don't always actually eat during the show, don't worry.

Ep. 00001 - Connor | Intro To Supper Time Project & An Exploration: Does Money Incentivize Long-Term Wellbeing?

🍲 Top 8 Episodes

Ep. 00010 - Lucy | Art, Museums, and Cultural Preservation In A Time Of Self Isolation + Silly Zoom Backgrounds!!!

Ep. 00011 - Anna | Modern Sabbath Practices & Insights from Vocal Tone, Range, and Pitch

Ep. 00003 - Elena | Developing Stories, Independence, & Self Awareness To Tend Your Own Garden

Ep. 00006 - Tom | The Possibility Of Togetherness Without Embodied Experience & The Epistemology Of Social Media

Ep. 00002 - Donna | Family Memories On How Home Video In Americana Over The Last 50 Years - Donna Moraco, Ep. 0002

Ep. 00004 - Allen | Mindful Consideration For Your Own Wellbeing In The Face of Fearful Odds

Ep. 00008 - Sheyda | Creating Communities Where Thousands Feel Safe to Explore their Curiosity & Managing Assets In A New Economy

Ep. 00007 - Trevor | Machines Learning, Humans In Quarantine, and Gourds. Bots & Bhatts.

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A Remarkable Online Exploration Of Openness, Curiosity, and The True Meaning Of Real Human Connection.

Made with Zoom, Edited with Descript, published on Notion.

Coordinated with Ontraport, Calendly, & Superhuman.

Meet Steve & Get On Board

Hi, I'm Steve.

If you don't already know, I'm a photographer but I do a lot of other things too. I'm insatiably curious.

This cultural moment was asking for a new show, so here it is. I'll be hanging out over a meal with some of my favorite people in the world, including you. Actually eating while we film is optional.

I LOVE asking people with unique perspectives questions. Since everyone is home for a while trying to find fun things to do, I figured now would be a great time to launch this project.

The core question is: Is it possible to host real, meaningful human connections and conversations online? Can we get to know each other as if we were really getting lunch despite the barrier of being online and on air? The answer of course is yes, but the fun is in learning to ask the right questions, not in pretending we have answers.


Themes arise weekly. Not all suppers conform to themes.

If you'd like to suggest a theme (please!), message Steve on Instagram.



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