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<aside> ☎️ Have something time-sensitive, urgent, or important and want to get in touch with the team more directly? Every email to [email protected] is reviewed by Lander staff or DATA, and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours. If you have something more urgent and can't text or call, here are your options:


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Urgent Replies

The best way to get in touch besides email is to DM us on instagram:

To Contact Steve Directly (Please Don’t)

Go to to send a calendar invite during a time that works well for you or (or if that’s easier to remember) to send an Twitter DM message and access read receipts.

Links, Products, And Resources


Probably the thing people are most familiar now as it’s the lander product with the most customers by an order of magnitude or so:

Lander Media Home Page & Client Onboarding

Read our mission statement and click the case studies button to begin a new project:

Lander Media | Make It Possible

Lander Home Page - Lander.Media

Lander Instagram - @LanderMedia

Lander Gallery

Lander Gallery

^ Here is a direct link where you can browse on desktop or mobile and download your first 5 images, videos, or social media posts completely for free. Or learn more here:

Lander Gallery | The Colorado Springs Stock Photography Service

Colorado Springs Stock Service -