[A timely bit of advice from Naval Ravikant, founder of what became Shopping.com which IPO’d in 2004 and was acquired by eBay in 2012, angel investor in Twitter and Stack Overflow, and more recently founder of Angel List and podcast: nav.al](https://twitter.com/naval/status/1002106317064949763)

A timely bit of advice from Naval Ravikant, founder of what became Shopping.com which IPO’d in 2004 and was acquired by eBay in 2012, angel investor in Twitter and Stack Overflow, and more recently founder of Angel List and podcast: nav.al

In this Media Action Plan document (M.A.P.) you will learn how to leverage media in your business.

This will give you superpowers to test & scale any company or offer to any level of revenue you want.

Once you’ve read through this doc & finished the form, you’ll be ready to learn more about the 7-Day Media Mastery Bootcamp: Double Your Online Revenue by Streamlining Your Social Media Strategy.

If you haven’t yet, it may be helpful to complete our onboarding form and book a call before reading this document, just so you have a better sense of where your business is and we can suggest whether A, B, or C below is your best next step:

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Thank you for your time with this document.

We’ve done our best at Lander to honor your attention and earn more of it.

We hope the wisdom and lessons we’ve assembled here from our experiences with clients & notes we’ve taken from advisors is a useful overview for you on what to focus on next in your business.

We’ve been fortunate to already have gotten to put this advice to work in our own business, and you’ll experience the results for yourselves as you read & learn more about our work.

And personally as the drafter & editor of this document, I had a blast learning all this in my first 10 years as a photographer & creative agency owner, and sharing it with you is sure to make my next 10 years even more fun! Excited for your success.

Best, Steve — Owner & Founder of Lander Media

Every section of this document is here on this page so you can just scroll and scroll and read it as one continuous page if you’d like. It’s about 12k words, so that’ll take a while. We suggest you just read & apply the 1500 words (5 minutes or so) that applies to your stage of business, and the conclusion if you’re really curious about the kind of work we do at LANDER.

Or you can break it into chunks using these bookmark-able pages you’ll see along the way:

The Intro (formatted as a single bookmark-able page with table of contents)

Let’s get right into it

What we’ve found working with 64 businesses to implement these frameworks over the last 9 years is that there are a million reasons things do and don’t work, but to our surprise, there are a few very consistent things which apply to almost everyone in almost any industry, whether selling products or services. Getting focused and choosing to do the highest-leverage build next offers quick wins every time.

The steps laid out below will not be a complete to-do list of everything you must do in your business to reach the next stage of your growth. Obviously.

But like any good online agency, we can certainly help you pump your numbers a bit. 😋

And jokes aside, as much fun as seeing the numbers go up is, we’ve laid out this document really to do just one thing: to help you FOCUS at each stage in your business on your source of highest leverage.

The Question We’ll Answer Today

Where can you put your time and attention right now, today, this week, to get this best return long term? That’s the question we’ll answer here.

Who are we?

At Lander, we know all of this because we’ve been fortunate to learn alongside many businesses over many years, and also because we’re a service business ourselves, but unlike most agencies, we’ve have put our money where our mouth is and bought, founded, and sold several other product and service businesses along the way.

We’ve wasted our own money & time testing out these theories to ensure they’re as practical and useful as they can possibly be for you.

Why? Because selfishness can be altruistic: We know if you do better, we’ll do better. And as you see these tips work you’ll trust us to guide you on more things. As you learn more about how the leverage of digital media affects your business, you’ll rely on the digital media tools we have built to introduce more leverage for our clients.

We have pulled from our own time, experience, and customer relationships to develop this document, but also on the wisdom of many people who’s work we’ve read and learned from along the way, not least: Alex & Leila Hormozi, Arlan Hamilton, Balaji Srinivasan, Brad Feld, Naval Ravikant, and many more.

Here’s the hard truth:

The biggest mistake most owners make is that they focus on the right thing at the wrong time.

MOST owners don’t have a good sense of what they should be focusing on at their particular step of their business growth journey.

You’re smart, you’ve gotten where you are now. You probably already know the sort of things you can do to increase your revenue:

  1. Make a great offer for your best selling product that helps you bring in more customers at a lower cost.
  2. Build great analytics so you have a clear sense of how many conversions you’ll get for every dollar spent on sales & marketing, so you can scale without crushing your margins.
  3. Hire a great sales & fulfillment team to scale up your main offer or product line.
  4. Fix & optimize fulfillment & customer service, so that the customer experience improves dramatically and referrals come more easily.
  5. Scale up what’s working as much as margins will allow on your main channel, and then add more channels — adding outbound calls, adding a new ad platform, etc.
  6. And finally, hiring operators who are better than you to grow the business in new ways with a different set of experiences and eyes.

<aside> ❌ What VERY FEW business owners realize, is that there is a RIGHT and a WRONG time to do each of these items above. So that’s the problem we’ll address in this document.

For example, if you’re spend your time or your team’s resources trying to build out a new marketing channel when you’re under $10m a year, you’re wasting precious effort you could be spending on getting more quickly to $30m+ a year, when adding a new channel will have MUCH more impact on your bottom line.


At each step, there is a different focus that is proven across businesses & industries to have the highest leverage. We’ve seen dozens of business owners learn these lessons the hard way, and so we’ve put this document together so you can recognize them easily, write them down, and move on them quickly.

That’s what we’re going to cover in this document. That’s it.

There are 6 sections, each for a different level of revenue you may be at. We recommend skipping to the section that reflects your current monthly revenue, reading, and implement it before you proceed to the next section.

You might also want to check past sections to make sure you’ve done them ;) Might find some easy wins there.

We’ve made scaling $0-$10m/mo as easy as A, B, C. lol

It definitely won’t be as easy as just reading this doc, you must actually do it, and very few will actually do it — but this doc will serve as a useful set of guideposts.

Here’s the overview of the main themes in all 6 sections in this document:

  1. Getting from $0 → $300k Annual Rev, AKA $25k/mo Testing & Improving Sales

  2. $300k → $1m | $83k/mo Scaling Sales Vertically

    Case Study: Scaling coffee shop walk-ins with $4 of enterprise-level Instagram Ads

  3. $1m → $3.3m | $275k/mo Scaling Fulfillment Vertically

  4. $3.3m → $11m | $925k/mo Testing & Improving Fulfillment

  5. $11m → $36m | $3m/mo Scaling Sales Horizontally

    Case Study: How To Do An Entire Year Of Sales In A Single Weekend With Elon Musk

  6. $36m → $120m+ | $10m/mo Scaling Fulfillment Horizontally

To get into the document, pick the appropriate section by choosing whichever has a monthly revenue number above your last month’s total revenue.

Click on any of those links above to skip to a section and start reading.

We hope you enjoy that each section is accompanied by a wacky AI generated image. You’re welcome.

Our Goal With This Doc

Our goal with this doc is simple.

We want to help you grow at least 3x in your business (if that’s what you want, too), and give you the proven tools & strategies we use for our clients, and in our own business (and in this offer!) to keep your fulfillment team as fully-booked as you want it to be year-round.


Because we grow when you use our tools for your growth. We’ll deliver any work we do with you right on our in-house digital asset management platform lander.gallery, and we know that the more you use the Gallery to leverage digital media in your business, the better you’ll do and the better we’ll do as you grow!

We know that as we build our trust with you and you see our systems work, you’ll want to use more of them. You can see a complete list of our current AI & Media systems at the end of this document, and we’ll go into more detail on why we think Digital Media is the most under-valued form of leverage in your business in the conclusion. But for now, let’s focus on your revenue!

<aside> 💡 We usually only work directly with businesses who are Stage 3 and beyond, since there is so much amazing free information online about stages 1 & 2, including this document.

In fact, that’s why we made this doc — to help you get there for free.

You should be able to get to Stage 3 yourself if you just stay focused. If you’re not there yet, print stage 1 & 2 out and pin them to your office wall to help with focus, and call us when you get your first $200k+ month. If you commit to it in writing and don’t give up, it will happen sooner than you think!





When we say “we’ve been there, done that” we mean it. We’ve run ads, consulted, trained, & designed offers for some of the biggest brands in the world as well as the smallest local business and everything in-between since 2012.

We have 2 main case studies in this document, we think of them as sort of the biggest and smallest scale at which this M.A.P. document will be relevant.

One is a small-margin local business (a coffee shop) and one is literally the richest person in the world shouting out your product on the biggest podcast in the world.

If you want to check these out, they’ll give you a good sense of the best and worst-case scenario you’ll get from our advice:

Dialing in an offer for a Local Coffee Shop to get more regulars and walk-ins: $4/day

Scaling coffee shop walk-ins with $4 of enterprise-level Instagram Ads

Hitting millions of people in a single weekend with ads to sell a $250k product: $600/day

How To Do An Entire Year Of Sales In A Single Weekend With Elon Musk

Anyway, to get into the document, pick the appropriate section by choosing whichever has a monthly revenue number above your last month’s total revenue in our table of contents.

Click on any of those links above to skip to a section and start reading.