Visit Colorado Springs is a private, non-profit 501(c)(6) trade organization that provides information and inspiration to people thinking of traveling to the Pikes Peak region. Their funding is provided by both public and private sources.

Tourism promotion is a tool that helps our local community by putting people to work and making this a great place to live - it's likely that someone in your family or one of your neighbors directly benefits from the tourism industry

TEXT: Colorado Springs is known for our tourism. Find out how tourists see our city by checking out the official Visit Colorado Springs site and social media!

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Even if you're not a tourist, there's always plenty more to learn about your hometown.

Visit Colorado Springs is the main marketing organization that works to promote travel and increase awareness for our beautiful city. They provide guides, coupons, and helpful tips for exploring the Springs as a visitor or as a local.

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Visit Colorado Springs


The Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau




The Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fun Fact

In 2012, the Visit Colorado Springs CVB & Fixer Creative redesigned the Colorado Springs logo to "capture the authentic Colorado Springs identity." The design is an amalgamation of red rocks, America's mountain, and blue sky curved into a "c." You can check out the logo on their website and you might just see it on some businesses, cars, and water bottles around town.