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A membership with The Lander Foundation is more than some subscription service. With membership comes great local perks that include access to all of our events we host including any TEDx event that we receive a license to host, Historic Film Screenings, and Mindfulness walks.

The Best Part!!

The Lander Foundation is a new and growing nonprofit here in Colorado Springs. Because of these there are two more awesome benefits to becoming a member.

  1. Your membership fees are tax -deductible


  2. You'll have access to all of our new events as we grow to accommodate more of the Springs

Becoming a member gives you early access to everything we do so we can ensure you will always be the first to know.

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Lander Foundation Membership

Fun Fact

This year, The Lander Foundation is hosting its first-ever virtual TEDx event. Because of current guidelines, our event has been pushed online and this format isn't something you're going to want to miss! (Who knows if we'll ever host one this way again)

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