Go to Quick Setup to install DATA. There is a welcome video below that shows some fun stuff to try with DATA once you get DATA installed.

You don't need to read anything if you don't want to, this new version doesn't require instructions.

<aside> 🔗 BOOKMARK THIS PAGE — You can easily access this page by going to HeyDATA.org/tutorial *at any time. If you are logged in and have an active PAID shortcuts subscription, an orange button on the tutorial page will appear to “install DATA shortcuts” that’ll take you right back here, and from here you can easily access updates & support.

Also, you may log in & edit your account info at any time by just entering your phone number or email on HeyDATA.org. If that does not work, please see Finding & Fixing Any DATA iOS Shortcuts Issues or ask DATA to figure it out directly by asking for a guide about your specific problem.*


Overview & Beta Access

Our entire official change log is on gumroad, here: https://landermedia.gumroad.com/posts


One-Click Quick Setup

The DATA Welcome Video

If you’re wondering what to do with DATA once you get it successfully set up, check out this welcome video that walks through a few of my favorite DATA use cases and commands!


The DATA Advanced Setup Video — Customization Walkthrough & Trouble Shooting

When you have skimmed this page and watched anything you’re curious about, tap Quick Setup here to update or install DATA for the first time. Enjoy, the installation process might remind you of the movie “Her” a little bit!

Quick Setup

Documentation & Customization